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06-12-24 02:07 PM
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Okay, the characters that I'll mostly be directing in this RP.

Name: James Smith.
Age: 42
Appearance: James is just over six feet tall, and is highly muscular. He has a stern gaze, which most people couldn't even see crack a smile.
How you joined the FBI: James was in the Marines, and and only two years ago transferred to the FBI.
Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you: And ex-wife, and a daughter he hasn't seen since in nearly ten years.
Position before the FBI: Officer in the Marines.

Name: Jack Wyett.
Age: 26
Appearance: Jack is about 5'10, and has darker hispanic skin.
How you joined the FBI: Jack was originally a detective for the police, an was transferred for his skills at investigation. At least that was the official story. He has yet to do much that's remarkable, and it is believed that he only got into the FBI becasuse of his father, who was a high ranking official.
Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you: A girlfriend, who he plans to propose to soon, a father who is in the FBI, and a brother who works for a computing company.
Postiion before the FBI: Detective for the police.
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Name: Cailyn Gaeta

Age: 21 (Sorry, I like my youth. Don't even want to "pretend" I'm not some punk kid. XD)

Appearance(no armor, clothes, or weapons. The FBI will provide it.): Cailyn is a fair skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed young woman. Her straight, thick blonde hair is usually tied back into a French braid that falls down to the small of her back, with long bangs dangling down to her chin. She rarely ever wears make-up, since her eyelashes are dark and long enough and her cheeks and lips produce a natural rosy texture to them. She stands at about five feet even.

How you joined the FBI: Cailyn was pushed up a grade back in grammar school, which is why she is the proud owner of a bachelor's degree in sociology. Her participation in the FBI was inevitable. The military, CIA, and FBI was swarmed with members of her family. Her father would often joke that if she didn't join one herself, she would end up marrying someone who did.

Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you (you'll play as any of these people as well.): Cailyn doesn't have much close to her. Her family and friends on the other end of the country. While she keeps close contact with them via E-mail and phone, Cailyn is fairly much alone in her endeavors, thus prone to form a close bond with those she works with.

Position before the FBI: Before the FBI, Cailyn was in the police academy, where she received most of her training as well as attending a university for her degree in sociology.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 2879/4540
Alright, six people, counting Katana who still hasn't gotten around to finishing up an posting here character. Also, I'm trying to get True to join, so it looks like we'll ahve a decently well populated RP.

I'm going to try and start this on Wednesday. It would be good if everyone could get their characters in by then.
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Character sheet
Name: Edward Bryan
Age: 29
Appearance: Medium height, with signs of his Asian heritage and his black hair beginning to recede.
How you joined the FBI: Recruited from the RCMP
Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you: Daughter and ex-wife in Canada
Position before the FBI: Behavior analyst for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 2422/2641

Name: Michael LaVerne

Age: 34

Appearance: White; bald, with a mustache and beard goatee. Athletic, but not overly strong. Quiet and reserved.

How you joined the FBI: After being commended for his excellent investigative police work
concerning some grizzly murders, his chief gave the FBI a letter of recommendation 3 years ago. Michael was a shoe in, and easily aced his tests.

Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you: Mother - Diane LaVerne; Fiancee - Melissa Klinger

Position before the FBI: a Forensic specialist in the Morris County Police Station.
Posts: 3150/3775
I'm still planning on joining, just trying to get through the writers block about this.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 2868/4540
Alright, that's three people, plus my characters, let's see how many more people we can get to join this!
Posts: 2559/2954
Character sheet
Name: Doctor Johnathon Knight
Age: 24
Appearance: Young man, clean-shaven. Usually seen in a doctor's coat and scrubs, though clothing provided by the FBI on this job. Blue eyes, and dark brown hair. His hair is relatively short, though he has been letting it grow longer recently. He has a medium build because he believes in taking care of himself. Very attractive.
How you joined the FBI: Was recruited to observe the crime scenes for clues to who the murderer may be, as well as how he is accomplishing this task. If the MO is even physically possible or not.
Relatives: Wife Naomi Knight, and Daughter Isabelle Knight.
Position before the FBI: A brilliant surgeon at St. John's Hospital.
Posts: 1395/1748
Name: Robert Dawson
Age: 32
Appearance: 6 foot 2, short blonde hair, not particularly muscular, brown eyes.

How you joined the FBI: Robert has always been interested in hacking computers. From the age of eight he was getting into the computers of his parent's workplaces (Both office jobs in a medium sized company). He could break into almost any computer within minutes and have the ability to send all sorts of viruses and bugs that would, for example, give him access to any computer the hacked computer had sent an email too.

At the age of 26, the FBI finally caught up to him. He was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison, being released after three months after making a deal that he'd work with them instead.

Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you:
Amy Dawson, Robert's wife of four years.
Joel Dawson, two year old son.

Position before the FBI: Robert was simply a supermarket worker before his prison sentence.
Posts: 2793/3807
I am SO in this.

Name: Benjamin Nolte
Age: 31
Appearance: Shaggy dirty blond hair, thick stubble on face. Deep set bags under icy blue eyes. French-Germanic features.
How you joined the FBI: Recruited after HIS (HAPPY, FX?!?!) detective work become internationally recognized.
Relations: 11 year old adopted daughter, Regina
Position before the FBI: Detective
Background information: Benjamin is an analytical genius. He is cold, off putting, and one of the best law enforcement officials the world has ever seen. Like an actor, he researches the "role he's to play" or goes deep into the background of his target until he begins to think like him. He is meticulous and occasionally cruel in his tactics, but his stack of cold cases is lighter than some paperweights. After his wife left him five years ago, Benjamin become more reclusive and shut off from the outside world. In an out of character move, he recently adopted the orphaned daughter on one of the few coworkers close to him. Regina's father died in uniform, but he was involved in some dirty deals, and Benjamin has begun to desperately try to protect Regina from that truth.

His favorite movies are The Bourne Identity, A Beautiful Mind, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and Help!

He listens to Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson, the Beatles, Counting Crows, and the Jackson 5.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 2865/4540
One month ago, the police were tipped off about a potential murder inside a home. The police entered this house, and found death.

There was no corpse, instead they found blood, ruptured organs, and bones that quite literally appeared to have exploded. It almost looked like every part of the victim's bone marrow had exploded. After a day, the police identified the victim as Kyle Brunski, a high ranking officer in the army.

Two days later, another victim was found, who died of the same causes. This man, was the president of an expensive banking company.

Within the next three weeks, ten more victims were found, and all of them were rich, powerful men. The FBI soon became involved, and used all of their resources to try and figure out who the murderer was.

Only moments ago, the police received another tip of another murder, this time of man who lives inside of a huge mansion. He has attack dogs throughout his yard, and has done every thing he can to secure his house. This potential victim, Nick Calhoon, has been known for an extreme paranoia, and has only avoided being placed in an insane asylum, because he avoids leaving his house whenever possible.

You are to play as a member of a special branch of the FBI, which specializes in catching high profile criminals. Your job, is to apprehend the murderer, and figure out what he's doing.

Character sheet(PM me your characters)
Appearance(no armor, clothes, or weapons. The FBI wil provide it.):
How you joined the FBI:
Relatives/family members/spouses/anyone close to you (you'll play as any of these people as well.):
Position before the FBI:

This RP will basically cover a huge plot, going much farther than simply apprehending a criminal. This RP will hopefully concentrate more on the individual characters and family than on going from mission to mission, and with luck, will lead you to a plot going farther than even this world can cover.
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