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07-23-24 08:19 PM
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The Story:
For time out of mined the four bending nations lived together in peace. They where Fire nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes, and Air Nomads lived in peace and balance, and the one whom kept balance between the four nations was the Avatar, a powerful spirit incarnated as a human to keep pice and order the last avatar was named Avatar Roku.

One day Avatar Roku died and the avatar was reincarnated in an Air bender named Aang (the double A is not a typo). The air nomads freeing increased aggression from the powerful Fire Nation told Aang of his destiny on his 12th birthday. Aang was unable to take the presser of being all-powerful at such a young age so in the middle of the night he ran from his home in at the Southern Air Temple and was never seen again.
Days after Aang?s disappearance the Fire Nation under the command of Fire Lord Sozin conducted a simultaneous attack agents the Southern Air Temple, and the Earth Kingdom Raining in 100 years of war.
(For more information on the back story visit )

20 years after Aangs disappearance the War is still raging but now every Nation in the world is involved. The Fire nation Desperate to fined and wipe the Avatar out of existence before he becomes a problem has all but eradicated the Air Nomads.
In the Earth Kingdom the Earth King is dispirit to stop the advance of the fire nation on his western front. He has summoned you to his plaice in Ba Sing Se (the earth kingdoms capital city) for a special mission.

The forces remaining are:

Air Nomads: only the northern air temple remains as a strong hold, and with the Fire Nation stepping up efforts it won?t be long till their last citadel comes crashing down. All air Nomads are monks both male and female (no exceptions) and they are the only nation that consists entirely of benders. The air nomads tend to dress in oranges and yellows, and can always be seen with a staff that pops out in to a glider that allows them to fly long or short distances.

Northern Water Tribe: The Northern Water Tribe exists at the north most end of the world. There entire civilization is built from ice and snow. Because of their remote location the Fire nation tends to stay away from the Northern Water Tribe even though they are at war. The people of the northern water tribe tend to dress in heavy fur parkas that are dark blue with white trim, however when the leave the frozen north they have lighter clothing for warmer areas. The northern water tribe has some of the strictest gender rolls in all of the world (men learn to fight women learn to heal, end of story) this causes many female water benders to migrate to the Southern Water Tribe.

Southern Water Tribe: Located at the south poll. The Southern Water Tribe was not as well developed as their counterparts in the north. This makes them an easy target for Fire Nation raids. Unlike the Northern water Tribe the Southern Water Tribe is more liberal with whom they teach bending to (Both men and women in the south learn combat and healing) southern water benders tend to reflect their northern brothers in dress except they ware lighter blue.

Fogy Swamp Water Tribe: The Fogy Swam Water Tribe is not really a nation so much as a tribe of water benders that EVRYONE over looked. There home land is in the middle of a swamp in the Earth Kingdom, and even though the Earth Kingdom claims there swamp as part of its territory although no one in the Earth Kingdom really know they exist (And the Fogy Swamp water tribe doesn?t know the Earth Kingdom exists) so for the most part they are left alone.
The Fogy swamp water tribe is the most backward of all the nations. They dress generally in bark and leaves.

Earth Kingdom: the main combat force in the war, they have managed thus far to hold the fire nation on the western coast of their vast kingdom. The People of the Earth kingdom were greens and browns, the Earth Kingdom has the most diverse population of all of the world so not all people from the earth kingdom share the same cultural identity. They are also the largest nation so terrain and climate is vary divers.

Fire nation: the antagonist of the war, their goal is to use the war to share their ?prosperity? with the world. The Fire nation?s people are proud and strong and have the drive to achieve their goals. At this moment all nations (except the Fogy Swamp Water Tribe) are at war with the Fire Nation. The Fire Nation also tends to be vary nationalistic believing that they are the greatest nation in history (so if you want to be from the fire nation you need a good reason to be fighting against them, and it must be cleared threw me).
People in the fire nation look up to the Fire Lord as a living God and regard him as such. People of the fire nation geraly dress in reds and gold.

Bending: There are four types of bending and everyone is limited to only one type of bending (if you even decide to bend at all)

Air Bending: you control and harness the power of the wind to defend yourself against attackers. Though air bending lacks power it makes up for it in speed and agility. The goal of air bending is to disable your opponent long enough to get away, but where it lacks combat power it makes up for in other tasks. Air Benders can use their power to augment there speed, jump greater distances, throw objects, even fly (with a glider that is generally kept inside of a spring loaded staff).

An Example of Air bending in action:

Earth Bending: An earth bender controls stone and dirt they can use it both attack and defend. An earth bender meats his/her opponent head on and basically throws rocks at the problem till the problem stops moving. There ability can be used in piece full ways as well such as building and carving stone however it is mostly a combative art.

An example of Earth Bending in action:

Water Bending: the ability to control water threw the manipulation of chi energy. Water bending is mostly a defensive art however it is one of the most versatile and reliable arts since water bending can be used to both harm and heal and water can be drawn from many sources (e.g. moist air, wet dirt, even plants). Water benders can manipulate water in all its forms (solid, liquid, gas), there art is also more powerful at night during the full moon.

An example of Water bending in action:

Fire Bending: fire bending is powerful and nearly uncontrollable. Fire benders harness the power of the sun and use it to fight in more of a long ranged stile. Unlike water bending fire is purely combative and is probably the most deadly of all the bending arts.

An example of fire bending in action (this video doesn?t do it justice but it was the only non emo video out there):

Non Benders: not everyone is a bender, and not all non benders are useless, instead of bending they tend to focused on learning and perfecting there skills with various weapons a skilled swordsmen can destroy a competent bender in a fight.

Character sheet part 1 (blank)

Nation of origin:
Affiliation: (whom do you work for)
Height: (optional)
Weight: (optional)
Weapons: (optional)
Physical description:
Bio: (NOT OPTINAL! back story is fun!)

Character sheet part 2 (example WILL NOT BE PLAYED since he lived about 80 years after the rp.)

Name: Lu Ten
Male/Female: Male
Nation of origin: Fire Nation
Affiliation: Fire Nation
Age: 21
Height: 5?11?
Weight: 160lbs
Weapons: duel long swords
Bending: Yes, Fire
Physical description: A tall princely looking fire nation solger with jet black hair and Gold eyes.
Bio: Lu Ten was the son of Price Iroh of the fire Nation. He was brought up with all the love and devotion any human could ask for from their father. Later in life when Iroh was sent to lay siege to the Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se, Lu Ten accompanied him. He was eventually killed during the battle by an earthbender.

I said it would take a few weeks to clean this up, apparently I like as it only took about a day (and I had been working on this since 8:00am Friday and it is now 2:00am Saturday) and I must admit to be vary tiered now.

There are still spelling mistakes, though I have tried to clean up this post as much as possible not everything gets caught.

I did not make, or have any hand in shaping any of the videos posted above.

Have fun!
Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Avatar Sozin's War

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