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07-23-24 07:47 PM
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Ecco the Dolphin?!
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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@Cairoi, your video made me laugh, seriously, awesome.

Status update: The dolphins are providing a way for the whales to get on to land, it's clear that we have more than one enemy in our deep waters...

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Wharf of the Worlds.
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...You're calling for a war against whales?

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We better be well prepared for this war...

I say we summon ... THE EXTREME DINOSAURS!

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I'd help and all... But I sunburn easily and I'm out of ice cream.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Everyone, I'd like you to look to the west of our country. Now look to the east. What do you notice about both? That's right, an ocean. Now, what's in the ocean on both sides? That's right...


For a long time, whales have been masquerading as poor endangered and hunted creatures, victims of people whom want their skins and their meat, vistims of poachers. All while they set up their own attack plan againt the humans!

We already know that they're allied with the sharks, who have killed or eaten humans numerous times. That's right, the whales are allied with enemies of America!

By now, whales have us in America surrounded on all sides, if they struck, it could be devastating! How many of you could stand up against a gigantic blue whale in a fight, how many of you could win a boxing match against a killer whale?! That's right, none of us could!

Right now the whales are keeping themselves hidden, not letting any more than a few be seen at once. It's obvious what's going to happen!

So I call you now to a preemptive strike! We must fight these whales, and stop them from their evil plan of destroying America as we know it! Let us invade the oceans, and conqer the whales before they kill all of us.

Let us go to WAR!
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - They are INVADING!

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