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12-08-19 07:30 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - I played Street Fighter IV today....
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It's out over here. And it's so sexy!

The art style is amazing. And it doesn't feel like a re-hash of SF2, thank Xenu.
Cyro Xero
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I played it in an arcade in an underground shopping mall. Yeah, it was literally about 30 ft underground (with a 2-level subway even further below that). Fun game, I must say. This is here in Korea, by the way. I managed to beat one person, but then somebody else came and used Chun-Li My friend and I never saw a win again. I don't like using arcade-style controls. I can't pull off the precise directional movements in order to perform a special attack. So I got beat every time I played this guy. When the first dude got beat he came over to my side to see who he got owned by (In asian countries a lot of the games are two machines that are back to back). I could tell he was thinking something along the lines of, "fucking half-black American.... dammit." I know it's not even out over there in the states yet. In most states, anyway.
Xeogaming Forums - Gaming Discussion - I played Street Fighter IV today....

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