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Mine and Spartan's RP set in the extensive world of Dragaera. All questions can be fielded to us, or you can check the wiki.


The world of Dragaera is primarily inhabited by two species: Easterners (humans), and Dragaerans (elves).


Dragaerans are members of one of the primary sentient species inhabiting Dragaera. They are a humanoid race, with lifespans averaging three thousand years.


According to Sethra Lavode, Dragaerans are descended from normal human beings (Easterners). After the Jenoine arrived on Dragaera, they began to experiment with some humans, modifying them genetically, and splicing genes from native animal species into the human genome. This eventually resulted in a number of different strains of Dragaerans, which led to the formation of a number of tribes. These tribes later became the foundation for most of the Dragaeran Houses.

It should be noted that many Dragaerans appear to be unwilling to admit to this original ancestry.

Physical characteristics

Most Dragaerans are close to seven feet tall, although some are as short as six feet or as tall as eight. They have no facial hair, and tend to be thin. Visible musclular development is a rarity. Most have black or brown hair; gold or blond hair is extremely rare, known to occur only in Phoenixes and the e'Kieron line of the House of the Dragon.

It is believed that unplanned pregancies are impossible among Dragaerans, which gives rise to many cultural differences between them and the other races of Dragaera. Another issue that this overlooks is the difficult question of crossbreeds which may or may not be planned pregnancies.


In the East, Dragaerans are referred to as elfs.

The term Dragaeran is used mostly by Easterners resident in the Dragaeran Empire to distinguish the species; Easterners refer to themselves as "human". However, Dragaerans reserve the term "human" to refer to their own species, and always use "Easterner" for both residents of the East and members of that species living in the Dragaeran Empire. It should be noted that in order to avoid confusion, Dragaerans may sometimes refer to their own race as "Dragaeran" as well, in order to specifically exclude Easterners.


Easterners are most likely plain Homo Sapiens stock, possibly with added psychic ability. They call themselves "humans"—but this can be confusing, since Dragaerans call themselves "human" as well, and do not consider Easterners to be humans at all.

The name "Easterner" arises because the vast bulk of their number live to the east of the Eastern Mountains that form the eastern border of the Dragaeran Empire. There, they have many separate nations and languages, and often war upon each other, and sometimes even dare to attack the Dragaeran Empire itself. There is, however, currently a standing peace treaty between the Empire and the Easterner nation of Fenario, entered into some 500 years before the Interregnum.

Some groups of Easterners have moved west, and settled in the Empire. They sometimes form their own villages, especially during the Interregnum when sufficient numbers of Dragaerans died from plagues and therefore could not prevent this incursion. They also have settled into communities in cities such as Adrilankha; South Adrilankha is known for its large population of Easterners.

Easterners can be distinguished from Dragaerans by height, in that they tend to be significantly shorter in average height — 5-6 feet in contrast to the Dragaeran average of 7 feet. Easterners often tend to have thicker and heavier growths of body hair — in the males, this tends to develop on the chest and most especially on the face; the general term for the hair on the cheeks, chin and neck is called a "beard". This hair is occasionally shaved into ritualistic patterns — for example, when all of the hair is removed except for that occurring above the upper lip, this pattern is called a "mustache", which is favored by Vlad Taltos. Dragaerans never exhibit this trait of hirsuteness, and sometimes use the insulting epithet of "whiskers" towards Easterners. Easterners sometimes lose the hair on the top of their heads as they age; this is called "balding". This is a trait that is almost always restricted to the males of the race, and oddly enough, often correlates with a greater amount of hair growing elsewhere on their bodies, especially the chest and back. Balding, too, is largely unknown in Dragaerans. Easterners also put on far more weight on average than Dragaerans, although this may be because Easterners generally lack the ability to remove excess fat via sorcery.

There are some indications that a slender, clean-shaven, tall Easterner can pass for a Dragaeran with not particularly significant modification of their looks. However, it is generally assumed that observant Dragaerans will easily spot an Easterner in this sort of disguise. (For an example, see Orca).

Probably the greatest difference between Easterners and Dragaerans is not visible to the casual glance: The Easterner lifespan is drastically shorter than that of the Dragaeran. They begin adolescence at the age of 12 or 13, reach physical maturity at 18, are considered adults in their 20s, and in their prime in their 30s. At the age of 80 or 85, when a Dragaeran is just beginning to enter late adolescence or young adulthood, the average Easterner will be entering the decrepitude of old age; very few Easterners live to be 100, and 120 is the very extremely rare oldest age.

Naturally, the shorter lifespan means that Easterners reproduce much earlier than Dragaerans, and at a much faster rate. Very often, at the age when any Dragaeran would still be considered an infant, Easterners will have wed and raised several children themselves.

Dragaerans of the Empire are, with notable exceptions, racially prejudiced against Easterners, with many of the consequences that can imply. Greenaere and Elde Island residents have different, possibly more tolerant, attitudes to the Eastern race, though it is notable that the inhabitants of Greenaere refer to them as dwarfs.

Other races include: Serioli, Jenoine, Cat-centaurs, and Gods.


Citizens of the Dragaeran Empire are divided into seventeen Great Houses. Usually, a person's House is determined by their parentage (see Joining Houses).

Each House (except the Yendi and the Jhereg) has distinct physical characteristics. Every House except the Yendi has heraldic House Colors, which its members usually wear. A person's House is believed to determine their temperament.

Of the Houses, the Teckla are by far the most numerous, at over 90% of the Empire's population. They are the only house not considered 'noble'. In practice, although the Teckla are the only peasantry, only the Athyra, Dragon, Dzur, Lyorn and Phoenix houses contain any of the aristocracy; the other houses make up what would be considered the middle class. Although their members hold titles of nobility, they are often nominal or empty.

Which house controls the Imperial Orb and the Empire at any given time is determined by the position of the Cycle. A House's position on the Cycle also determines in a more general sense the fortunes of the House.

One automatically gains a link to the Imperial Orb by being a member of one of the houses.

Easterners can only be Jhereg and Teckla. (Follow links for more in depth descriptions of the houses.)

Dragon - The House of the Dragon is one of the seventeen Great Houses of the Dragaeran Empire, and the one currently next in line for the Orb. Dragons are associated with war; military commanders are usually Dragons, and they form the majority of the Phoenix Guard.
Members of the House of the Dragon are often referred to as Dragonlords.

Lyorn - The House of the Lyorn is best known for its scholars and record keeping. Unlike the Athyra, they are generally concerned with knowledge more for its own worth than as a means to power and so will gladly study topics other than magic. Lyorn are also well known for their knowledge of tradition and etiquette; they are frequently consulted on such situations as lover's quarrels, domestic disputes, and other such things.

Lyorn warriors are very controlled and skilled, compared to the Dragon or Dzur, and are the only House that still uses the title Knight for all of its landless nobility.

The Lyorn are known for their extreme sense of honor, and tradition.

Tiassa - Tiassa are renowned as thinkers and planners.

They are a bit tempermental and impetuous, but are very good at thinking on their feet. The house is also well known for its tendency towards youthful ambition.

They likely serve members of the other noble houses in advisory capacities; military strategists (Dragon), financial planners (Orca, Tsalmoth, Chreotha) or research assistants (Lyorn, Hawk, Athyra).

Hawk - The House of Hawk is noted for its dispassionate observational skills, and for its immense curiousity.

Dzur - The House of the Dzur is associated with war, as are the Dragons, but Dzur are more individual warriors than military leaders; the Dzur berserker is legendary. It is also known as the House of Heroes, and a Dzur hero is a common thing. Members of this House are usually referred to as Dzurlords. The House also allows outsiders to join, provided that they can defeat 17 heroes hand-picked by the leaders of the House.

Issola - The Issola are known as natural diplomats, and peacemakers. They tend toward grace, tact, style, and beauty.

Like all diplomats, however, they are capable of quick decisive attacks on an adversary without warning; when it is in their self-interest to do so.

Many Issola serve in a public relations capacity, while they are also commonly entertainers.

Tsalmoth - Tsalmoth are known for their tenacity, and their ability to attack a problem from many different directions all at once.

A Tsalmoth can be extremely loyal, but only so long as it is in their interest to be so. In this respect they are sometimes a bit self-serving, but they usually mean well.

Vallista - Known primarily as builders, most of the great structures in the Dragaeran Empire, including the Imperial Palace, were constructed by Vallista.

Jhereg - The Jhereg is goverened by the Jhereg Council a body of powerful criminal Jhereg bosses that operate much like the mafia. Anyone with enough money is able to purchase a title in the Jhereg.

Iorich - The house of Iorich is tasked with running the justice system of the Empire.

Most (if not all) Justicers and advocates are Iorich, and The Iorich Guard guards the prisons in the Imperial Palace (which are located in the Iorich Wing).

The Iorich character is one of a passionate quest for justice and the rule of law.

Chreotha - Chreotha are typically lower-middle class workers. While technically members of the nobility, the Chreotha are often seen in seedy inns filled with Teckla, Orca, and Jhereg.

The House has never been wealthy, and most of its members subsist on menial labor.

Appropriate to the weaving skills of the animal for which they are named, Chreotha are often tailors. They may also be trappers or merchants.

Yendi - The Yendi are known for the elaborate machinations, and their extreme subtlety. In fact, they put the "b" into subtle. It is axiomatic that only a Yendi can unravel a Yendi's schemes.

Orca - Orca are known as great sailors and traders. Most of the Imperial Navy is from the House of Orca.

Like the orca itself, they are extremely predatory, making them tough negotiators. This trading skill produces many wealthy Orca merchants. Successful Orca typically buy large estates as far inland as they can manage, and often engage in banking, and other high finance occupations.

Young Orca are often bullies that make life miserable for young Teckla and Easterners.

The Orca are obsessively concerned with their rank and Titles, even though all of their titles of nobility are empty—not associated with land holdings the way they are in some of the other houses. This obsession goes to the extent that the Orca will change a person's title when they receive a military promotion or demotion. This ensures that a mate always outranks a bosun, and that a captain outranks a mate—even when simply talking about their social status.

Teckla - The Teckla, named after a salt marsh harvest mouse, are the only one of the seventeen houses without noble status. They make up over 90% of the Empire's population.

It is possible to join the House of the Teckla by swearing fealty to a noble of the Dragaeran Empire; there are no "tests" to join, and indeed several notable Easterners (such as Miklós, Brigitta, and Sándor) have joined the Teckla in order to acquire a link to the Orb, which remains even after they abandon their lords and return to the East.

It should be noted that a Teckla's oath of fealty technically ties him to the land (and service) of whichever lord rules the region he settles in. It is therefore technically a crime for a Teckla to abandon his lord and move to a large city, such as Adrilankha. The large populations of Teckla in the major cities of the Empire, however, illustrate how little this crime is actually enforced. This is especially true in the years following the Interregnum, which resulted in countless Teckla becoming dispossessed due to the death of their liege lords.

Jhegaala - Jhegaala "shift as moments pass".

Jhegaala are one of the lowest-order "noble" houses in the Empire (generally outstripping only the Teckla and Jhereg in terms of prestige).

Jhegaala are likely commonly laborers or workers of tasks that while they are somewhat menial, still require the ability to read and write, and so cannot be done by most Teckla.

Athyra - The Athyra are noted for their ability to reason, as well as their pursuit of intellectual challenges. It should be noted that Athyra are primarily interested in exploring the world—and especially the mind—as a means to gain power, rather than the more pure scholarship of the Hawk or the Lyorn.

An Athyra sees those around him as either objects to be used to achieve their own ends, or, for the more etheral Athyra, merely mental contructs; of no more importance than a dream. It is these sollipsist Athyra that pose the greatest danger to others, since they do not even consider others around them to be of any significance whatsoever.

Phoenix - The House of the Phoenix is one of the seventeen Great Houses of the Dragaeran Empire, and the one holding the Orb in the time of Vlad Taltos. They are the most 'noble' of the houses, and have always been the smallest house.

As far as is known, the only members of the Phoenix House to survive the Interregnum were the Empress Zerika the Fourth and Illista (who died shortly after the restoration).



Sorcery is the art of grabbing some power from the Imperial Orb, shaping it into a spell, and throwing it at whatever you wish to alter. Types of sorcerous spells include:
teleport traces
teleport blocks
shielding oneself from the rain (umbrella spell)
blowing stuff up
genetic analysis
creating light
checking the time/weather


If the body is attented to in a swift manner, and the spine has not been severed or the brain destroyed, one can be sorcerously revived. This is not a cheap service.


A form of magic most commonly practiced in the East, Witchcraft uses one's own psionic powers, rather than relying on an external source of energy (as in Sorcery).

Witchcraft is almost always accompanied by the use of rituals and incantations designed to guide the witch's mind down the proper path to release this energy in the proper way. These rituals usually include the use of herbs, runic symbols, black or white candles, incense, crystals, and often a personal object of whomever at which the spell is targeted.

A skilled witch will often acquire a familiar to aid in the process of controlling the psionic energies of a spell. This is important since witchcraft is potentially dangerous to practice if the witch becomes distracted and loses control of a spell.


From the Lyorn Records of the Dragaeran Empire
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The branch of magical studies devoted to the study of Psionic energies.

Psychics are viewed as something of a curiosity by most Dragaerans. Many use them for communication, but most sorcerers tend to have disdain for their use--probably due to their connection with Eastern witchcraft.

Common Uses of Psychics:
Psionic communication
Creating illusions
Divining information (clairvoyance)
Sending another person a mental image (e.g. teleport coordinates)
Mind probes
Redirecting psionic energy
Seeing the future
Creating psiprints

How Psychics Relates To Other Branches of Magic

Psychics are an integral part of witchcraft; psychic energy is essentially the raw power that makes witchcraft spells operate. This power in turn comes entirely from the mind and body of the individual, unlike Sorcery which is externally powered.

Sorcery using the Orb can apparently amplify psionic abilities, making it easier to use for communication.

Elder Sorcery

Also called "Pre-Empire Sorcery", it is the direct manipulation of raw amorphia, rather than amorphia channeled and controlled by the Orb. This is the only form of sorcery that does not require the use of the necrophia present in trellanstone to contain and channel amorphia.

Due to the incredibly unstable nature of amorphia, this form of Sorcery is extremely hazardous (as evidenced by Adron's Disaster). Use of Elder Sorcery was outlawed upon the creation of the Dragaeran Empire. Books on the subject are contraband.

Anyone with the discipline and desire (some would say recklessness) to attempt it can become an Elder Sorcerer of this type. It has been noted, however, that each opening of one's mind to amorphia is "one step closer to madness". Many potential sorcerers are likely destroyed in the initial stages of attempting to gain control of amorphia.


A variety of weapons exist on Dragaera, but all are melee, with the exception of throwing knives and Shuriken.

Dragaerans tend to weild large two handed swords, while Easterners use a style of fencing.

Morganti Weapons

Morganti weapons are a type of weapon capable of "eating" the soul of any person they cut. They were created by the Serioli. It is said that they were created in an attempt to "make war so horrible no one would ever engage in it" (Dragon). In a world where reincarnation and later revivification are both known and often expected, a soul-killing weapon which prevents both takes on a considerable extra horror.

Morganti weapons are, in every known case, edged weapons. Their blades are generally black and they radiate a sense of hunger. Easterners find this feeling very disturbing. Morganti weapons are known to have a "kind of sentience", but in most cases, this does not go beyond an ability to feel hunger.

The Great Weapons are a special case of Morganti weapons.

Morganti are used by the Jhereg on snitches, so there aren't many snitches.

Gods can be severed from a world or plane of existence by being sufficiently harmed by a Morganti weapon of some power. The only beings who can resist a Morganti weapon are the Jenoine.

There are six known ways for a normal mortal to prevent their soul being eaten;

* Possess and bond with a Great Weapon, which safeguards your soul. (The Not-Bloody-Likely clause)

* Die first. Morganti weapons cannot destroy the soul of one already dead. (The It-Can't-Get-Any-Worse clause)

* If a Great Weapon's owner doesn't want it to eat your soul, it won't. (The Not-With-A-Ten-Foot-Pole clause, as expressed by Morrolan)

* Be the Emperor. The Orb will protect your soul in a fashion similar to how a Great Weapon will. (The It's-good-to-be-the-King clause)

* Don't be anywhere close to one. (The You-Can't-Get-Me Clause)

* Kill the other person with one first. (The First-Come-First-Kill Clause)

Great Weapons

The Great Weapons are extremely powerful Morganti weapons; according to tradition, there are seventeen of them. They are more sentient than the normal Morganti weapons, and it is possible they choose their wielder. Great Weapons are connected to the souls of their owners, and can act independently to preserve them.

In Dragon, a Serioli explains that some of his people "desired divinity and crafted artifacts to find and then destroy those who sit on the Thrones of Judgment." This statement is confirmed and clarified in Issola, where Sethra Lavode explains that the Great Weapons indeed were created by the Serioli to act against the Gods, but that the Gods instead use the weapons (and their wielders) to assist in defense against the Jenoine.

The Great Weapons blur the distinction between animate and inanimate. Sethra explains that the Serioli Cly!ng Fr'ngtha was the first to create such artifacts.

Some traits that exist in all known Great Weapons are:

* The ability to choose to devour a soul or not.
* The ability to enhance one's magical prowess.
* The ability, to some degree, to deflect magical attacks.
* The ability to shield or temporarily harbour the wielder's soul, to prevent its destruction.
* The ability and initiative to act independently in the wielder's defense, even if the wielder is unconscious.

Zungaron claims that it's common knowledge that Great Weapons "have their own life, and you have to come to an agreement with them, and at some point there will be a test of wills, and that if you have one it is a bridge between you and the powers beyond the world". Sethra clarifies that the "powers beyond the world" might be vaguely comparable to fate.

Many Great Weapons also have a special, unique ability.

Character Sheet

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  • BroadSwords

    • BroadSword
    • Katana
    • Dai-Katana

    • One Handed Swords

    • Thrown Weapons

      • Shuriken
      • Throwing Knives
      • Throwing Hatchets
      • Stones?


    • Climbing Hooks
    • Materials for Various Witchcraft
    • Lockpicks
    • Assasins Gear ( Garrote and Poisons)
    • Jewelry?

I'll add more to this as I go along but this is all off the top of my head right now.


Character Sheet
Name: Saren
Race: Dragaeran
Age: 918 ( and still Young)
Appearance: Jhereg Colors,
House: Jhereg Baronet Formerly of the House of Dragon
Appearance: Jhereg Colored full cloak and vest, loose fitting black pants with hidden pockets and sheathes for his knives and gear, a nice plain black leather belt with a few pouches and his "Katana" in its sheath on his belt. Short Black hair and Grey eyes, a very lithe man he looks like he has no trouble moving amongst crowds and disappearing.
Description: A former Dragon Lord was expelled from the House of Dragon for reasons known to very few. He took what was left of his fortune and bought his Barony in the Jhereg, after a few years he established himself as a mid-level boss in the Jhereg controlling a sizable part of South Adrilankha running a few underground gambling dens and a few whore houses and other misc shops, his stock in trade is he is known for the "work" he does.

After a recent war with another boss and taking over his territory he is currently replacing some of his "lost" staff...

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Name: Kiana

Race: Dragaeran

House: Athyra


Age: 230 years old (The equivalent to about 18 in human years.)

Physical Appearance: Kiana stands at about six feet tall with thick black hair cascading down to her knees, usually adorned and pulled back with gold tiaras jeweled with rubies. She has dark green eyes and soft, pale skin. She's usually extravagantly dressed, from her royal red gowns, to her red silk robes.

Personality Traits: She is intelligent, but quiet and reserved. Due to the nobility her parents bore her into, Kiana is spoiled, often handed anything she asks for. However, due to the intellectual nature of her house, her parents raised her tactfully. Being the dutiful daughter she is, Kiana is polite and well mannered. she knows when to speak and when to remain silent; when to act and when to refrain from acting. Due to her youth and lack of involvement in affairs up until now, Kiana has maintained a kind and patient heart, something often considered as being naive and evident in her soft spoken voice.

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Name: Firios e'Kilres
Race: Dragaeran
House: Dragon
Age: 432
Description: Firios is six foot six, with bright golden hair. Green is the color of his eyes. He has a relatively thin build, and wears dark robes with silver-thread lining. He carries a buckler, emblazoned with a Dragon, in order to celebrate his loyalty to his House.
Personality: Firios is very smart. He thinks for himself, and uses his intuition to guide him out of trouble. Always been good at adapting to new circumstances.
Skills: Firios is a whiz at sorcery, and has been top in every sorcery division he's ever been in, in the military. His skill comes from his intuition, and his strange closeness with sorcery. Using it everyday, he gained an attachment to sorcery, and loved nothing more than to use it to crush some insurgents.

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Character Sheet
Name: Loftar e'Terics
Race: Dragaeran
House: Dragon
Age: 1200
Description: A captain in the Imperal Guard, he is a Dragon stereotype. 7' 6", dark hair going down to his shoulders, angular face, prominent chin, and a nobles point. He wields two curved scimitars on his hips, contrary to Dragaeran standard, and wears the golden tabard of the Phoenix guard.

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Added a visual representation of all the houses, to simplify things a bit.

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So we're waiting for three people: Cairoi, Rogue, and Kyle S Kennedy.

Step to it.
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All right, I'm giving this a shot. I don't know much about Dragaera so feel free to PM me with additions and what have you.

Name: Zirym

Race: Dragaeran

House: Orca

Age: 753

Description: A quartermaster in the Imperial Navy, Zirym rose in the ranks after her superiors realized she would do practically anything to anybody were she instructed to do it. Recognized for her ferocity in battle and a generally cold nature, she was brought up to command the men when not in battle and co-currently left in charge of rations, weapons, and supplies (much to the chagrin of those beneath her as Zirym's extended family are known for being shrewd bankers).

Unwed, generally in self-enforced isolation, and believed by many to be cold-hearted, rarely does Zirym interact with anyone outside of a professional level. In the end, she wishes she were free but finds too many responsibilities attached to her.

Zirym stands at a good 6'7" with long brown hair that's usually tied behind her head in a severe bun of gathered braids.

EDIT: Height change.

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Originally posted by Rogue

Zirym stands at a good 5'7" with long brown hair that's usually tied behind her head in a severe bun of gathered braids.

Aren't you a little short to be a stormtroo- I mean Dragaeran?
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Now I wasn't sure how tall people were, what the world's environment is like or any of it. When I was reading the description for Orcas it mentioned they're often short.

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Yes, the shortest Dragaeran we know of is just over six feet. And she compensates by wearing a very long dress, and levitating a few feet off the ground.
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I put on another foot. Or is that still too midget-like for Dragaera?

I kinda like the idea of a short female, known for being one tough bitch being left in charge.

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Second character

Character Sheet
Name: Beil
Race: Dragaeran
House: Jhereg
Age: 986
Description: An 8' tall Dragaeran, born and raised in the Jhereg. He works as muscle in the Right Hand of the Jhereg, varying from protection to collection. He is best known for the multitude of throwing axes he carries on his person.

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Name: Bria
House: Jhereg
Age: 873
Height: 6'9
Appearance: Bria has thick straight black hair that falls down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Rarely is it seen left down, however, since she keeps it tied back in a tight braid. She dresses entirely in black, clothing that tightly hugs her slim, curvy body frame. Her stilleto-heeled boots are also black. The only spec of gray she flashes is the color of one of her blades, the last shine to catch her opponent's attention.

Weapon: Knives, Daggers...any type of small sword. Anything with an edge.

Not much is known about Bria and her past. She manages to captivate foes with her wit and sarcasm, and gets the job done. She can not be classified as a loner, nor a team player. She not only gets her job done, but she gets it done well, whether it was a solo trip or a group brigade. Partners came and went, along with her assignments and assassinations...with the exception of one man...


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Character Sheet
Name: Adalmus Benviore
Race: Easterner
House: Jhereg (Just recently, before that he was a Teckla)
Age: 24
Description: Adalmus is a medium height Easterner, about 5'11" tall and 195 lbs of muscle. His body is compact, and he is quite mobile, quick and agile. He usually wears a white tunic, with light brown clothing underneath. He cares not for the colors of his house.
Weapons: A Rapier, Silver and bearing a beautiful design on the hand guard. He wears thick leather gloves on both hands, allowing him to be protected from slashing weapons while defending. Also in his arsenal is an assortment of knives, ranging in size, all used for different purposes. Upon his back, an inherited broadsword. Also very beautiful, signs that he was more than filth in his own land, he was royalty. But now he is in a new world, and making his way to the top.
Goals: To become a Dzur Hero.
Personality: Twofold, he tends to be rough around the edges, but also has a keen, deep side to him, leading one to believe that were he accepted among these people, he could lead the world in a better direction.

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