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05-29-24 07:36 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Guidlines for being good at debating. | | Thread closed
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus

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Since: 10-29-04
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Posted on 10-16-06 08:08 AM Link
I've noticed a lot of people here commiting fallacies when debating certain topics. As a result, I decided to post some guidlines to be good at it. It will help you gain respect, they will help you recognize when someone is using bad logic, and it's adds in discipline. Know that not one of these things are rules, they are all simply good ways to debate, guidlines or advisory if you will.

Any other mod, feel free to add on to it as you will.

Circular logic: Arguments that go around in a circle, adding in a new thing to each fallacy for example, the sky is blue. Why is it blue? Because it's blue. We need real examples, not circles of logic.

John Kerry Effect(named by Xeios): Flip flopping between a lot of arguements, and seeming not to stay with one certain position. It's okay to switch, but don't keep doing it for each arguement if you're going to post. Get's confusing, and annoys people.

Now for the fallacies:

Ad fontem errors(arguements against the source).

Ad Hominem abusive. This is an attempt to degrade your opponents arguement by insulting him. This is unrelated to the arguement, and if used, will lose you a lot of respect.

Ad hominem circumstantial: This type of arguement says that the rival-or rival's source-indicating that it should be ignored because of certain circumstances regarding the matter. This includes saying that the rival has a bias, and as such, should be ignored.

Tu Quoque: This says that what the opponent says should be ignored due to hypocrisy.

Red herring arguements :

Irrelavent thesis: Making a good arguement for a certain opic, whihc is, unfortunately, unrealated to the main topic at hand.

Appeal to Ignorance: Stating that because something can't be disproved, it must be likely.

Straw Man Fallacy: Attempts to disprove an arguement by putting it into an inaccurate light.

fallacies of presupposition :

Begging the question: An arguements that has an important unspoken meaning behind it that is important to the topic you are trying to prove, but is not justified by an argument.

More to come later, check back every once in a while for edits.

(Last edited by Vulcanlogic on 10-16-06 02:37 PM)
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Xeogaming Forums - Debate Shrine - Guidlines for being good at debating. | Thread closed

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