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06-12-24 02:20 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Open 2vs1: Vulkar didn't finish his last 2vs1 fight, so he must do it again! | |
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

Since last post: 245 days
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Posted on 12-02-06 02:15 PM Link | Quote
ooc: As this is a 2vs1 fight, the rules are going to be a bit lose. Don't openly disobey them, but you can stretch them if you want.

ic: Ares smiled, giant sword in hand. This sword was longer than any humans were tall, it was thirty feet long, only five feet over half Ares' height. He swung his sword, smashing a building next to him. There were two humans, humans who lived in this city, humans who he wished to kill.

It was an older town, one in greece. There were no cliffs nearby, but there were many buildings, many people to kill. This would be fun.

His armor glowed in the afternoon light, reflecting the sun perfectly. The armor had been highly polished before this battle, though if he was fortunate, he would need to wash off his enemy's blood. He spoke in a booming voice, "Is there any who would challenge me?" The entire city heard him, people running off in a panic.

EDIT: FX, it would be preferable if you didn't do this, no offense, but I'd rather fight more active people.

(Last edited by Vulkar on 12-02-06 07:36 PM)

Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

Since last post: 4481 days
Last activity: 4442 days
Posted on 12-02-06 03:35 PM Link | Quote
(ooc: Well considering FX is still being a tard baby, and the fact I'm plain bored, I guess I'll fight you. Even though Ares is annoying. )

Taylt is wondering through the town's paths, looking for some form of game shop, and thanks to SOMEBODY who wanted to be awkward and forcing Sanigen to stay behind, Taylt was on this mission alone.

As he turns a corner, he sees a game shop, but in worse news, he saw the 50 foot tall man towering nearby, getting there just in time to hear him announce his challenge. Taylt stepped quickly in to an alleyway, as to dodge the massive stampede of people absolutely legging it from the big dude.

Taylt steps back out as the crowd thins out.
"This seems a tad unfair..." He says, using his gauntlets to make him roughly the same size as the tall guy, including a sword of a similar length too. "Much better..."

Taylt took notice of the thread's title, "So I guess we don't actually fight until a second person comes in then? And by the way, I already know your name because of my uber-awesome fourth wall breaking, but in case you can't do that, I'm Taylt... I will be your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer and if necessary your executioner! And I didn't copy that from episode eight of Danny Phantom!"

(Last edited by Danny Phantom on 12-02-06 08:09 PM)
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Open 2vs1: Vulkar didn't finish his last 2vs1 fight, so he must do it again! |

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